About My Blog

Hey everyone, my name is Tommy Mondello, and this webpage is your doorway to what I'm hoping transforms into an entertaining reading experience. For the very next click you make will walk you right through that doorway into a strange new world.
Which just happens to be... my blog.

Now you won't find any recipes there. No advice on how to buy a watch or brand new car. Oh no, they'll be none of that constructive learning bullshit on my page. The only thing that you'll find here is pure emotional release my friends, spewing from the depths of a foul-mouthed, slang-using knucklehead... yours truly!

And hopefully you guys never underestimate the power of the written word and the journey it could lead you on, no matter whose fingers are doin' the typing. Because even though you don't have a clue as to who I am... yet... at this point, I would so enjoy having you right here alongside of me while we ride the emotional roller coaster of life, amongst the peaks and valleys of good times and bad on this journey of words, keeping me company.

Come help me relive some of my life won't you; moments that span the entire spectrum of emotional makeup. From the absurd, belly-laughable goings on of a single guy to a downright dreadful utter meltdown of monumental proportion. And all of it has been neatly wrapped in a slightly drunken neighborhood barroom narrative that will put you right at ease, hopefully giving you an alternative outlet to the daily grind of horrible newspaper headlines that are beginning to overwhelm us all just a bit. Well at least I know they've overwhelmed me at times.
How about you?

But have no fear, for my words will lead you right into the waiting arms of glorious escape. To a less serious, more embarrassing, silly side of life. Which of course would be... my side! Even though that dreadful utter meltdown of monumental proportion thing was pretty heavy LoL

Nothing on this earth can ever prepare us for what the days ahead may bring right? The good, the bad and most definitely the ugly. But it seems that we somehow always rise to the occasion of each and every situation that confronts us. We can belly laugh with the best of any Ringling Brothers' clown around, empathize with all of the caring passion found within the attentive nurse upon bended knee, and cry thoughtful, disillusioned, sad tears to rival even the mighty Niagara. All in all it seems, that we're built to exude that human emotional release. You guys agree?

So join me now and throw all caution to the wind as we set forth upon a path of silly observation, heartfelt advice, self deprecating humor, terrifying desperation, and of course every bit of it, every fucking word, is blended together amongst a street-like language not fit for print. And... you will love every uneducated filthy word of it. I can guarantee one thing.
Be it good or bad, you're gonna react to it in one way or another.

It all boils down to this... that either you enjoy my honest street-like approach of entertaining or you're going to think I'm an illiterate asshole. Just try to be a bit gentle with your criticism, if you can, because I bruise like an aging peach for goodness sake! Whichever it is though, be it love or hate, the bottom line is that I'm glad you're at least giving my words a shot. How could I ever ask for any more than that from such an astute gathering of humanity. And so I thank you all very much for this fleeting opportunity to aggravate, exacerbate
and possibly even penetrate your existence.

And finally I just want to present you with this one question.
If you were the author presenting these emotions,
these written words, which would satisfy you more?
To have the readers love you and want more?
Or have them hate you... and want more?

Welcome my friends... welcome to Tommy's world!