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The light bulb above my head

That's my cousin Shannon, and the inspiration and reason why I'm here creating this blog. She was in the process of editing a manuscript for me that I was probably going to self publish, as I did with my first one back in 2003. She just suggested that it may be a lot more fun this way, and that I might possibly even reach more people with a blog rather than go the traditional book route.

And you know what? So far the "fun" portion of this adventure has certainly been there for me. I don't know if I'll ever reach anyone, but the pressure of trying to create an entire manuscript is gone. And I feel as though the weight of the world is off my shoulders! Silly right!? Putting pressure on yourself and all I mean. Get's outta control at times doesn't it, that pressure thing? It can just crush the shit out of any fun you may be enjoying.
Top 5 reasons
why you shouldn't read this blog


Because you hate to laugh, reminisce,
or show any emotion whatsoever


Because you forgot
that there is still a little kid inside of you


Because for some reason you get very annoyed whenever
you locate an even bigger knucklehead than yourself


Because you have a dangerous addiction
to slang usage & silly foul-mouthed banter


Because you still hear your mother's voice in your head warning you...
"To stop that or you'll go blind"... whenever you find a guilty pleasure!
Welcome to
The Tommy Raw Blog
No Way That Just Happened

Hi everyone, my name is Tommy Mondello. That's me over there to the left pointing right at you. And I know, I know, it's the perfect face... for radio! But you guys aren't here to look at my silly mug. Well at least I hope you're not. You're here to read. And you'd better go fill up that glass of wine, because there's going to be plenty of reading to do over the next days, weeks and hopefully years to come!

And by all means don't be shy! I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you! Any feedback you may have... good or bad, just let'er rip! You can leave your comments on the blog itself after each post or use that email link over there to the left. It would be pretty awesome if we turn this brand
new adventure of mine into an outlet for us all.
Maybe even transform it from my blog...
into our blog! Hey... anything is possible right!?

My favorite deceased rock 'n roll hero
Jim Morrison
said it best when he proclaimed he was...
Proud To Be A Part Of This Number!

Cheers... your pal tommy
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I'll be adding more content to the site in the weeks to come as neat things grab my attention that I think you may enjoy. But for now, hey... everyone has to take that very first step right?

Do you remember yours??
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Have you ever done that with anything you've been working on? I bet you have. It can just suck every ounce of fun and excitement right outta the room!? Hate that self imposed pressure stuff... LoL

Anyways, thanx Shan for pointing me in this direction. I probably would have never had the open-mindedness to attempt it otherwise. And even though my webpage and blog may never be as popular and impressive as say The Huffington Post, the mother ship of all blogs if you will,
it's still my little piece of the pie, and I wanna share it with all of you. Only hope it's edible!
Welcome aboard my friends. It is most certainly an amazing feeling to have you all here!